Commercial Photography

Commercial Photography - What is it?

Any photography that is intended for use in promoting a business, such as merchandising, advertising, products and trade promotions are all termed commercial photography.

It is also used to create leaflets and brochures, menus to be used in takeaways, restaurants or cafes, and also to be used within text to enhance a message.

Another example is where the photography is used in selling a service or a product. Products and businesses can utilise commercial photography in many ways to help with the marketing of their products.

Commercial photographers are very much in demand, and at V1Fly we have a number of high profile clients that we work with on a regular basis. The images can be used in a variety of ways, they might for instance highlight the use of a product and its features, or it may feature the design of a product or maybe the process of a service.

An example of which would be to photograph a local business while the owner delivers his service, as we did for this local leather repair business recently, providing images to use in an advertising campaign.

We were able to photograph the owner in his day to day operations, such as cleaning leather furniture, and those images will be used in his printed advertising brochures.‚Äč

An image intended for advertising might focus on the attractions and benefits of the product, while a commercial image would probably detail the results of using a particular service.

A business would usually employ our services to promote themselves or their product to a prospective client.

Industrial photography is an area that we are also able to cover, and this type of work is generally done on location, whereas commercial photography is more likely undertaken in a studio. Many commercial photographers will not work on industrial locations, but at V1Fly we are happy to work in such environments.

Architectural photography is another element that can be used to show a building as a product, to be used in advertising or promotion.

Food Photography
This is the type of photography used to create menus, or for magazine articles surrounding food, diet, healthy eating, clothes etc. A good food photo shoot can greatly enhance the attraction of food and clothing for magazines and catalogues. The photography of food is very similar to still life and nature photography, and ideally is undertaken in the normal environment, such as the restaurant, or outdoor location.

V1Fly is greatly experienced in commercial photography, and would welcome the opportunity to discuss your requirements. Please use our contact form to get in touch and we will contact you in due course.