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Time Lapse Photography For Websites

I was recently asked if I could go along with a friend of mine to take some time lapse photography of him working. He has a carpet cleaning business, and wanted a video to put on his website, which is in the process of being ravamped.

Time lapse videos are great for that purpose, because they have impact, and show a job from start to finish in a short space of time.

When someone spends time watching a video on your website, it helps google to realise that the website has value, and will help it to be shown more in a google search, which is great for your business.

I have included an example of a time lapse video below, and I will change it for the one we made for my friend once his website is live.

Let me know your thoughts or questions.

How To Grow Your Photography Business

I get asked all the time by new professional photographers about my tips for building a successful photography business, and the answer is always more complicated then it might at first seem.

I was doing some research today and I came across this infographic, that breaks the process down, and while reading it, I realised that without any real planning, that this is what I do in my business.

So now if anyone asks the question I am just going to email them this graphic, and tell them to research each of the categories and follow this as a business plan.

I thought it would be worth sharing here for anyone else who gets the same question, or of course for anyone else that is asking the question. I hope it helps.