Aerial Photography

Aerial Photography For Local Businesses

We take great pride when we are asked to provide aerial photography digital photographs and video for construction companies and building firms.

We can also supply top quality aerial photography for estate agents, golf courses, lawyers, builders, banks and more.There are many other types of businesses that can benefit from our professional photography services.

V1Fly earial roof image

One of our specialties if working for roofing contractors. Using one of our state of the art drones we are able to quickly and easily check the roof for defects, for both commercial and domestic projects before and after the event, for the benefit of the owner and also for insurance services.

We can also use drones to locate and record problem areas on high roof areas, making difficult access areas easy and safe to inspect, and in much less time with no risk to personnel.

Routine inspections to roofs using drone cameras are essential in spotting minor roof damage that left untreated can result in major damage. Camera and video inspections can monitor and record roof deterioration, decay, cracks and water pooling. Also water drainage can be checked by video photography of drains, guttering and downpipes. All without the use and risk of scaffolding or motorised platforms that can put employees at risk.​

V1fly roof inspection image

Remedial work can then be planned and expenses calculated without ever having stepped on the roof. Insurance companies can also inspect work after a roofing company has finished to ensure that there are no problems and all required repairs and renovations have been completed prior to final payments, and also to show banks and lenders the amount of project completion.

V1 Fly roof inspection

Other uses for aerial photographs of a new home are to provide a family record that is sure to become a treasured heirloom for generations to come.​

Contact us so that we can discuss your requirements and find out how V1Fly can help your business​