Advertising Photography

Why use an Advertising Photographer?

One of the most competitive types of photography around today is advertisement photography. One of the main reasons for this is that it tends to be the most lucrative form of photography available.

Large companies often pay millions on advertising, as this is the main way to sell products. And photography is key. Here at V1Fly our photography team has worked with and for the best, in both aerial and ground based photography.

Our speciality has always been aerial photography, but we can compete with the best in all genres.

Advertising photography has to show a product at it's best, so the images need to be first class, anything less is just not good enough. That's why if you are looking to sell a product, and you need a first class photographer for the job, you are in the right place.

However, not all advertising photography involves millions of dollars and exotic location shooting. Very often we find ourselves working for smaller companies that want quality images to use in magazine and leaflet advertising. The images needed to produce a quality printed image cannot be provided by average photographic equipment. And that's why you need a professional.

One of our recent assignments was to photograph a local handyman business to produce images that could be used in both print and digital media. They also needed video to be used on the handyman business website. To both the small and large businesses, the quality of the service we provide is just as important, as it helps to promote and bring new customers to the business concerned.

At V1Fly we welcome customers from large and small enterprises, and we use our years of experience and technical knowledge to provide the quality of service required, both during the shoot, and also after, by using state of the art computer programs to enhance and improve the images involved.

A professional photographer is not always as expensive as you might at first imagine, especially when you factor in the result that having images with impact and clarity will have on your advertising campaigns.

Why not give us a call at V1Fly. We can talk you through the process. You may find that we can suggest areas that you haven't even considered, such as drone photography for instance, that can make your advertising stand out from the crowd.

Contact us today and let us give you some no obligation advice for your business.